Monday, June 27, 2016

strange words

The english language has some strange words. Heard somebody call a lazy person lackadaisical. Good word but sounds more like we have a shortage of daisies. 

Two things that don’t belong together are called oxymoron, a word that sounds more like a stupid person who needs air. 

When I come home I park my car in my driveway. Seems like I should park it in my parkway, but no, we drive on our parkway.

How about the word maulifuff.
Not one that pops into daily conversation but it means a woman of low energy. Looks more like someone who would beat up a fuff. Yes fuff is a word that means a desirable object. 

Here is the best word ever, and it’s definition is “the fear of long words”. The word is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Here is a quick fun link for a song about this word. (Click here) 

Here is a good word. Thanksomuch. It is what we say every time someone joins our blog as a follower. It is a great word and we would like to say it often. It is also used when people go to my book page on Amazon (Click here).
Sometimes strange words are nice. Just Say'n

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